Onoji and the Giant Miroku Magaibutsu Carving

Stopping by Onoji temple on my way back from Muroji to see the giant Miroku Magaibutsu carving onto a cliff along the river of Udagawa. While popular during the cherry blossom season, the autumn delights in the temple is also not to be missed.


Abe-Monjuin, one of the 3 temples worshipping Monju Bosatsu in Japan

Awed by the Tozai Monjuzou group of statues worshipped in this shrine, centering on the Monju Bosatsu statue sculpted by the famous Kaikei, mounted on a lion. The birthplace of Abe no Seimei, the famous onmyouji of Japanese esoteric cosmology, the shichimairi experience in Ukimido Pavilion was one-of-a-kind.