Larger than Large: Todaiji & Yoshikien Garden, Nara Travel in Spring 2016

Date: 28 March 2016


Right after visiting Kasuga Taisha, I walked through Nara Park to Todaiji. There are more deer to see around here.

Deer casually resting along the path towards Todaiji

First up is the Nandaimon (Great South Gate), the super large wooden gate. Well, you would not understand the meaning of large until you see the main hall later.

One of the statues at the gate

Here comes the giant, the main hall called Daibutsuden (The Great Buddha Hall). This is actually one of the largest wooden building in the world. See it for yourself.

Daibutsuden (Main hall)
Up close

Wondering why it is called Daibutsuden? Well, there is a large bronze statue of Buddha here – one of the largest in Japan that is. 

The large bronze statue Buddha

The Buddha is placed in the middle of two Bodhisattvas.

On the right

Next, I made my way to Nigatsudo (Second Month Hall), one of the halls in the surrounding area of Todaiji.


Another hall is Hokke-do, also known as Sangatsudo. I did not enter though.

Hokke-do (Sangatsudo)


Next, I walked roughly 1km to Yoshikien Garden. Both Isuien Garden and Yoshikien Garden are on my list, but I could not find the former (better luck next time).

Pond garden
Thatched roof tea house

Moss garden

Petals on the moss

It is hard not to love Japanese gardens.


Author: Jennifer

Hi! I am Jennifer. I enjoy planning my own travels and love traveling in Japan - for the history, nature, temples, and the food! Read more for travel guides of places I have visited.

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