Playground of the Gods – Daisetsuzan Part 2: Kurodake

Daisetsuzan enjoys autumn the earliest in Japan and through my hike to Kurodake, I was able to witness the nation’s first autumn foliage in mid September. The hike to Kurodake is easily accessible thanks to the Kurodake ropeway and chairlift that takes you to the 7th station at 1,520m.

Playground of the Gods – Daisetsuzan Part 1: Asahidake

Hiking Asahidake, one of the peaks in Daisetsuzan, known as Kamui Mintara in the indigenous Ainu people language which translates into a garden where the Gods play. At 2,290m, Asahidake is the tallest mountain in Hokkaido and is one of the earliest places to see autumn in Japan.