Taking a Step Back in Time in Shikoku Mura – The Final Part

As the title says, this is the final part (fourth to be exact) of my Shikoku Mura exploration, the open-air museum showcasing structures from all over Shikoku Region dating back mostly to the Edo Period. This final part covers more family houses, a soy sauce warehouse, more storehouses and a western-style house turned tea-room.


Sorakuen: Traditional Japanese Garden with a mix of Western-influenced Meiji Era Buildings

An unexpectedly quiet stroll in Kobe City's Sorakuen, a stroll-pond garden featuring a former houseboat decorated with rich lacquer. The former Hassam House relocated from Kitano-cho and an European-style stable is unique to this garden. A visit during the azalea or chrysanthemum season is highly recommended.