The Largest Wooden Kannon Bosatsu in Japan: Fukusenji, Tono

A stop a Fukusenji while exploring the land of folklore - Tono in Iwate Prefecture. The main hall of this temple houses the largest wooden statue of Kannon Bosatsu, built from a single tree.

Gates to the Netherworld, or is it Paradise? Osorezan and Bodai-ji Temple

Exploring Osorezan and Bodai-ji Temple, believed to be one of the gates to the afterlife due to its resembling landscape of fuming sulphuric gases and barren ground next to a poisonous lake. Founded by famous abbot Ennin, the temple worships the Jizo Bosatsu, the guardian of children.

Nishinotakiryusui Temple in Shodoshima

A somewhat scary trip to Nishinotakiryusui Temple, one of the temples on the 88 Shodoshima Temples Pilgrimage, mainly due to fact that no one was around. Failed to explore the especially interesting rock cave behind the main hall, which has legends surrounding the encounter between Kukai and a dragon.

Women’s Koyasan – Muroji in Uda, Nara Prefecture

Visiting the vast complex of Muroji located on Mount Muro in Uda, Nara Prefecture. Also known as Nyonin Koya (Women's Koyasan) due to its acceptance of woman worshippers back in the day when most temples forbade women, the temple is a popular spot for autumn chasers thanks to its fiery red maple leaves.

Final Resting Place of Izanagi: Izanagi Shrine

Visiting Izanagi Shrine, said to be the final resting place of the god Izanagi, who gave birth to the Japanese archipelago with Izanami. Located on Awajishima, the first island born during the kuniumi process, this shrine is also said to be the oldest shrine in Japan.

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