Playground of the Gods – Daisetsuzan Part 3: Ginsendai & Akadake

Final part of my Daisetsuzan hike - managed to reach the summit of Akadake (2,078m) on the 3rd day albeit taking a longer time than most people. The fall colors here in Ginsendai and on the trail towards Akadake were probably the brightest among the three hikes.

Playground of the Gods – Daisetsuzan Part 2: Kurodake

Daisetsuzan enjoys autumn the earliest in Japan and through my hike to Kurodake, I was able to witness the nation's first autumn foliage in mid September. The hike to Kurodake is easily accessible thanks to the Kurodake ropeway and chairlift that takes you to the 7th station at 1,520m.

Kankakei’s Omote 12 Scenes Trail

Aside from the ropeway, another good way to explore Kankakei is by one of the hiking trails between Kountei (lower station) and the Sancho Summit Station. I opted for the Omote 12 Scenes Trail, passing by some amazing views and interesting rock formations, which was amplified by the beautiful autumn foliage during the season.

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