Kasuga Taisha, Nara

Date: 28th March 2016

Most visitors would have gone to Kasuga Taisha after visiting Todaiji. Coming from Shin-Yakushiji, it was a 1km walk or so to Kasuga Taisha. It seemed a little bit like a back entrance. Kasuga Primeval Forest in the list of places to visit next time – I wonder if the entrance is somewhere along here.

The less used approach to the shrine
The shrine is adorned with various types of lanterns.
Stone lanterns, the striking red shrine is there!
First sign of sakura
First sighting of the famed deer in Nara


Bronze lanterns

Though you can only see the lanterns lit-up twice a year (February & August), there is a dark room which allows you to experience the lit-up lanterns. It was full of people, so picture-taking was difficult if you do not want to obstruct the path.

Lit up lanterns in the dark room



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