Okayama’s Korakuen and its Night Illumination

Strolling around Korakuen, one of Japan's most famous landscape gardens. Whilst conflicted of it's "best three" rank, this was still an enjoyable visit evidenced by my return on the same night to see its night illumination.

Okayama Castle and its Night Illumination

Okayama Castle, often called "Ujo" (Crow Castle) due to its black exterior was previously a very large complex, but was however mostly demolished during the Meiji period and destroyed during the WWII air raids. Today, most structures we see today including the castle tower is a reconstruction while the only original structure is the Tsukimi Yagura (Moon-Viewing Turret). Located just across the river from Korakuen, this castle makes a perfect combined visit if you are visiting Okayama.