Teshikaga Kussharo Kotan Ainu Heritage Museum

Despite its small size, this Kussharo Ainu Museum located just beside the Kussharo Lake and Kotan Onsen showcases not only the history and culture of the Kussharo Ainu, but offers an insight on the challenges they face within the Japanese society.

Matsushima’s Feudal Teahouse – Kanrantei

During my 1-day visit in Matsushima, I took a tea break at Kanrantei, a teahouse overlooking the beautiful Matsushima Bay. Dating back to the Momoyama period, the teahouse was used by the Date clan to entertain guests which includes envoys from the Shogun.

Maiden’s Tears: Furepe Waterfall in Shiretoko

One of the famous sights to see when you are in Shiretoko is the Furepe waterfall, a rare waterfall with no flowing river. The scenery around here which overlooks the Sea of Okhotsk is spectacular and is accessible via a short walking trail, or can be seen from sightseeing boats.

Fujita Memorial Garden, Hirosaki

The second largest Japanese garden in the Tohoku region, the Fujita Memorial Garden is a must-see if you are in Hirosaki. Separated into an upper and lower garden, the garden uses Mount Iwaki as a borrowed scenery which I was lucky to get a clear picture of on this day.

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