Nishinotakiryusui Temple in Shodoshima

A somewhat scary trip to Nishinotakiryusui Temple, one of the temples on the 88 Shodoshima Temples Pilgrimage, mainly due to fact that no one was around. Failed to explore the especially interesting rock cave behind the main hall, which has legends surrounding the encounter between Kukai and a dragon.


Yashima-ji, 84th Temple of the Shikoku 88-Temples Pilgrimage

A visit to Yashima-ji, the 84th temple on the Shikoku 88-Temples Pilgrimage during my trip to Yashima Sanjo. Originally founded by Ganjin of the Risshu Buddhism school, the now Shingon-sect of Buddhism temple worships the a wooden seated statue of Senju Kannon said to be carved by Kukai.