Senzan’s Senkoji Temple – Temple on the “First Mountain” of the First Island

Located on top of Mount Senzan, said to be the first mountain created on Awajishima, Senkoji was said to be founded by a hunter who was led by a manifestation of Senjukannon (thousand-armed Kannon) in the form of a wild boar. Also serving as the first temple of the Thirteen Buddhas of Awajishima, the temple also worships Fudo Myo-o or Acala.

Miraculously Balanced Pile of Rocks: Kasaneiwa of Shodoshima

My first trip to Shikoku – exploring Shodoshima Island! Walking up a flight of stairs and rocks to see these pile of rocks called Kasaneiwa, which is not known whether it was formed naturally or not. Still a wonder how these rocks piled on top of each other.