Angel Road: Where angels fulfil your love wishes

19th November 2018

My next stop in Shodoshima was the more well-known Angel Road (エンジェルロード), a 500m-long sandbar that only appears twice a day during low tide. The sandbar connects the mainland to three small islands. I will leave the link to the tide timetable (in Japanese) at the end of the post, and how to read them even if you do not know how to read Japanese.


It felt a bit weird coming here since Angel Road is especially famous among couples, also known as a sanctuary for lovers. First of all, there is a belief that your wish will be fulfilled if you walk this path while holding hands with your loved one. The island across the sandbar, Nakayoshima has a shrine (?) or jizo (?) and ema (some of which were in the form of seashells) hanging on the tree, with wishes of love as well.

Ema hanging on a tree on Nakayoshima
Jizo (?) on Nakayoshima

There is also a stairs (from Bentenjima) you can take to the top of a little hill called Yakusoku no Oka (Hill of Promise) which overlooks the sandbar from a nicer vantage point. On this hill, there is a bell for couples to ring while wishing for eternal love. You will also see some ema with love wishes written on them hanging here.

Stairs towards Yakusoku no Oka
Angel Road as seen from the lookout point
Love Bell
Ema on Yakusoku no Oka

There are some hotels nearby which overlooks Angel Road, I did not stay in any of these hotels, but you can check them out if you are interested (links below). From the pictures I have seen, it sure gives a different view from what I’m showing here.



Tide info:

Angel Road Tide Timetable

First, click on the link above. There should be timetables in PDF from that page. Look for the month, then the dates are on the left. The low tide (干潮) happens twice a day for 6 hours each. The time displayed is the mid-point (3 hrs) of that 6 hours. For example on 1st January it is 04:03 and 17:11, which means the low tide is between 01:03 and 07:03 (first time) and between 14:11 to 20:11 (second time).

Hotels overlooking Angel Road:

Other recommended sites for good photos: Kosublog


Angel Road is a 10-minutes drive from Tonosho Port. There are two parking areas available which is easily pointed out by road signs when you are approaching this tourist spot. Mapcode is 364 787 778*33.

Public transportation is available as well, please refer to this bus page from Shodoshima’s website. From Tonosho Port, you should take either the following bus lines and alight at Kokusai Hotel / Angel Road Mae. The bus fare is 150 yen. You can purchase a one-day pass @ 1,000 yen or two-days pass @ 1,500 yen if you are planning on going around Shodoshima on bus.

Alternatively, you can even walk there – which should take 30 minutes for 2.4km.



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