Yashima Sanjo, Kagawa Prefecture

Yashima is a good side trip from Takamatsu in Kagawa Prefecture. There are a number of attractions on the summit including observation decks overlooking Takamatsu city and the Seto Inland Sea, the Yashima Temple, the Yashima no Ki castle ruins, and the New Yashima Aquarium.


Affordable Japan #2: Business Hotels

In my 2nd post of the Affordable Japan Series, I explore business hotels as one of the cheaper accommodation options for Japan travels. A no-frills hotel which provides the privacy not offered by hostels and guesthouses, a business hotel is reasonably priced for those looking for a place to crash for the night.

Okayama Castle and its Night Illumination

Okayama Castle, often called “Ujo” (Crow Castle) due to its black exterior was previously a very large complex, but was however mostly demolished during the Meiji period and destroyed during the WWII air raids. Today, most structures we see today including the castle tower is a reconstruction while the only original structure is the Tsukimi Yagura (Moon-Viewing Turret). Located just across the river from Korakuen, this castle makes a perfect combined visit if you are visiting Okayama.

Senzan’s Senkoji Temple – Temple on the “First Mountain” of the First Island

Located on top of Mount Senzan, said to be the first mountain created on Awajishima, Senkoji was said to be founded by a hunter who was led by a manifestation of Senjukannon (thousand-armed Kannon) in the form of a wild boar. Also serving as the first temple of the Thirteen Buddhas of Awajishima, the temple also worships Fudo Myo-o or Acala.