Spring 2019 Tohoku Travel: Random Photos

I have been extremely busy at work, so there is no actual post this week. But I’ll leave few photos here from my spring 2019 travel which probably will not make it to my travel write-ups.

1. Red maple leaves . . . in the middle of May. Yes, there are Japanese maple leaves that enjoy foliage in spring. Always a feast. This was in Sendai.


2. I mentioned this before in my Abe-Monjuin post – I’m a fan of the figure skater Hanyu Yuzuru. These were his monuments in front of the Sendai International Center Subway Station.


3. Sunset view on my way from Shimokita to Aomori.


4. Mt. Iwate as seen from nearby Morioka Station


5. Sunset view on my way from Morioka to Koriyama.


I hope I’ll have time to write something for next week!

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