Nyakuichioji Jinja, Omachi, Nagano

Date: 3rd July 2018

Previously I wrote about Chojiya Road Salt Museum which had a display about the Nyakuichioji Jinja Reisai and the Kodomo Yabusame (child horseback archery) which takes place every summer at the Nyakuichioji Shrine. So after leaving the museum, I walked to the shrine, which took me roughly 20 minutes.


The Nyakuichioji Jinja (若一王子神社) was established back in the 9th century, later added with the Kanzeon Bosatsu (Goddess of Mercy) Hall and the 3-story pagoda during the Edo period. The main shrine was built in the style of the Azuchi-Momoyama period.

Kanzeon Bosatsu Hall
3-storied Pagoda

Of course, if you have visited the Chojiya Salt Road Museum first, you would know that this shrine is also the starting point of the Nyakuichioji Jinja Reisai which is held every summer at the end of July, centering on the Kodomo Yabusame, a child horseback archery, something unique as most festivals with horseback archery uses adults rather than children.


It was a quiet day at the shrine for me, but if you want to see something special why not come here at 4th week of July to see the festival?


Free admission, always open

Official website


The shrine is either a 10-mins, 750m walk from Kita-Omachi Station or a 25-mins, 2km from the Shinano-Omachi Station.

Kita-Omachi Station is actually just a station away from Shinano-Omachi station, but if you are coming from Matsumoto, since you need to transfer train towards Minami-Otari, please note that the Shinano-Omachi – Minami-Otari train departs every 60-180 minutes. So, in case the timing isn’t right, it may be best to walk from Shinano-Omachi station instead.

Getting to Shinano-Omachi Station:

  • From Matsumoto Station, take the JR Oito Line (1 hour, 670 yen)
  • From Itoigawa Station, take the JR Oito Line (2 hours, 1320 yen)
  • From Nagano Station, take the Alpico bus (1 hour 10 minutes, 2100 yen)
The unattended Kita-Omachi Station


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