Yashima-ji, 84th Temple of the Shikoku 88-Temples Pilgrimage

A visit to Yashima-ji, the 84th temple on the Shikoku 88-Temples Pilgrimage during my trip to Yashima Sanjo. Originally founded by Ganjin of the Risshu Buddhism school, the now Shingon-sect of Buddhism temple worships the a wooden seated statue of Senju Kannon said to be carved by Kukai.


Onoji and the Giant Miroku Magaibutsu Carving

Stopping by Onoji temple on my way back from Muroji to see the giant Miroku Magaibutsu carving onto a cliff along the river of Udagawa. While popular during the cherry blossom season, the autumn delights in the temple is also not to be missed.

Okayama Castle and its Night Illumination

Okayama Castle, often called “Ujo” (Crow Castle) due to its black exterior was previously a very large complex, but was however mostly demolished during the Meiji period and destroyed during the WWII air raids. Today, most structures we see today including the castle tower is a reconstruction while the only original structure is the Tsukimi Yagura (Moon-Viewing Turret). Located just across the river from Korakuen, this castle makes a perfect combined visit if you are visiting Okayama.